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Buried dresser

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Product material: polycrystalline diamond / PCD
Product use: Product use: At the same time as the popularization of CBN grinding wheel, its plastic work is a difficult problem. In addition to solving the shaping problem of CBN grinding wheel, this product is also suitable for linear dressing of cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, internal grinding wheel shape and shaping of precision grinding wheel.
Product Overview: Buried dresser: diamond mixed metal bond, trimmer fixed to the base according to a certain shape and size. Compared to the small particle dresser that trims the ordinary grinding wheel, the dresser uses a smaller diamond particle size and is mainly suitable for CBN grinding wheel shaping.
Instructions for use: The tool for the trimmer needs to be rigid. When trimming, the point of entry should be alternated on both sides of the wheel to ensure that the face of the wheel is flat. After the CBN wheel has been shaped, it can be finished with a softer manual trimming rod.
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