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Diamond dressing roller

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Product material: ND (natural diamond), SCD (artificial single crystal diamond), CVD (polycrystalline diamond)
Product use: Suitable for special-shaped grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, centerless grinding, surface grinding and other processing methods.
Product Overview: Diamond Roller is a kind of finishing tool that finishes or electroplating diamond on the formed circular base outer circle and super precision machining. It has long service life, high finishing precision, good precision retention, low cost, stable processing and stable quality, and is suitable for mass production of single products.
Other specifications: 1. The diamond roller should be installed on the special roller dressing device as much as possible, and ensure that the machine tool and the dressing device have sufficient precision and rigidity.
2. Install the diamond roller correctly and precisely adjust the beating of the roller. The reference end face bounce of the roller and the radial runout of the reference outer circle should be less than 0.003mm.
3. When you install and remove the roller, carefully tap the roller to prevent the profile or reference of the roller from being damaged.
4. The installation roller is the clearance between the roller and the mounting mandrel is less than 0.005mm.
5. The ratio of the linear speed of the diamond roller to the grinding wheel is 0.4~0.7.
6. When the diamond roller is used to trim the grinding wheel, it should ensure reliable and sufficient cooling of the roller; during the dressing, the impact of the grinding wheel on the diamond roller should be avoided to avoid the accuracy.
7. In order to make the diamond roller have a longer service life, ensure that the trimming feed does not exceed 0.02 mm for each trimming.
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