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Cluster dressing tool

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Product material: ND (natural diamond), SCD (artificial single crystal diamond), CVD (polycrystalline diamond), NS (natural diamond and + artificial single crystal diamond).
Product use: It is suitable for the dressing of large-size grinding wheel without centering, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding.
Product Overview: The cluster dressing tool is a brand new dressing tool that sinters small diamonds through a multi-layered regular arrangement. During the dressing process, the resistance can be evenly distributed to each diamond particle, which reduces the wear of the dressing tool and improves the stability of the work. The product is inexpensive and durable.
"Notes": 1. According to the grinding wheel parameters, select the material and size of the diamond in the dressing tool.
2. The axial feed rate setting required for trimming is 2 to 4 times that of the single particle dressing tool. Can shorten the dressing time.
3. Make sure that the dressing tool is in full contact with the grinding wheel.
4. Select the rigid fixture base fixture to ensure the stability of the dressing tool during dressing.
Ordering Information: Please provide machine parameters, grinding wheel parameters, base size or provide detailed drawings when ordering. Can be designed according to customer requirements
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