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Shanghai Yuhe provides professional cutting solutions for users
Overall, the level of China's machinery industry has reached a higher level than the level of 5 years ago, and the types of tools and processing equipment are extremely rich. With the improvement of China's industrial level, the requirements for the workpiece process are getting higher and higher, and the precision of the tool, the quality of the cutting edge and the requirements for use are gradually improved. Shanghai Yuhe has been committed to research, development, production and sales of tools for many years. Whether it is in the field of ultra-precision machining or in daily use, it can provide customers with professional cutting solutions.
In the field of ultra-precision machining, there is a high demand for the cutting edge processing technology and its cutting ability, and the super hard tool of Yuhe is fully satisfied. Superhard tools can be divided into single crystal (SCD) diamond tools, polycrystalline (PCD) diamond tools and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) tools. The differences between them are mainly concentrated on the processing materials and precision requirements. Single crystal diamond tools are mainly used in the ultra-precision machining of modern manufacturing fields such as rockets, military, satellite, optics, lasers, medical equipment, large telescopes, etc., requiring the sharpness of the blade P≤1~0.1um, and the flank Ra≤0.02 Um, the edge is at least 500~1500 times under the microscope to detect the lack of zigzag defects. Polycrystalline diamond tools are mainly used in precision cutting fields such as electronics, IT, and car cutting tools. Nickel-based superalloys and HRC ≥ 50 hardened steel, chilled cast iron, etc., and are generally processed with PCBN tools. In order to provide a strong guarantee for the manufacture of high-precision diamond tools, Yuhe and in 2013 relying on a full set of modern advanced processing equipment and professional precision measuring instruments imported from abroad, laid a solid foundation for the development of new products.
In daily civil use, Yu and diamond knives have sensationalized the entire acrylic (PMMA plexiglass) manufacturing industry, using cutting and new diamond tools for cutting and polishing, completely changing the traditional cloth polishing and flame polishing, the efficiency is increased by 30%. And to meet the requirements of transparency, light and brightness, the surface roughness Ra≤0.02um. In the future, Shanghai Yuhe will continue to pursue excellence in precision and create more and more miracles.