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Equipment safety operation procedures:
First, before going to the machine, first check the power supply, mechanical performance and protective devices are safe, and find hidden dangers in time.
Article 2 Before starting the motor, it should be ensured that the machine table can be turned on without any movable objects, so as to avoid the operation of the machine, causing the object to fall on the pedal due to vibration, causing the machine to malfunction and harm the human body.
Article 3 Strictly operate according to the operation regulations, it is stipulated that it is strictly forbidden to use the pedals when using the two-hand switch, and it is never allowed to change the operation mode privately.
Article 4 When using the foot pedal, it is strictly forbidden to get close to the person to prevent the foot pedal from being injured.
Article 5 Under normal circumstances, try to use both hands to switch at the same time
Article 6 After starting the machine, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand on any transmission part of the machine tool and the working area of ​​the slider.
Article 7 In the case of the removal of the safety protection device, it is not allowed to start the machine. It is strictly forbidden to remove the safety guards without permission.
Article 8 It is necessary to ensure that the clutch is disengaged before it can be turned on.
Article 9 When using the foot pedal, the foot should be removed from the foot during the punching or shearing interval. It is strictly forbidden to rest the foot on the foot pedal.
Article 10 In the work of the machine tool, if the slider is found to be free to fall or there is abnormal impact sound and noise, and the finished product has burrs and bumps, it should be shut down immediately.
Article 11 At all times, attention must be paid to the tightening of the machine and mold fastening screws or drive belts and correct handling.
Article 12 During the maintenance of equipment, the power supply shall be cut off, and it is strictly forbidden to start the repair.
Article 13 When punching small products, the tool is clamped by the application tool. It is strictly forbidden to directly reach into the mold to obtain the workpiece.
Article 14 It is strictly forbidden to operate the same machine tool at the same time. It is forbidden to drink, wear shoes and operate on the machine.
Article 15 The human body shall not touch any electrode of the power distribution system.
Article 16 Wear protective equipment before work to prevent burrs and human hands.
Article 17 It is strictly forbidden to concentrate on the operation, or to chat casually, so as to avoid harm caused by distraction; in the case of poor health, emotional instability and severe fatigue, it is not allowed to operate on the machine.
After each shutdown, remember to turn off the power and place the “hand/foot” switch in the middle position.